Repairs and Maintenance for Night Vision, Image Intensifier Tubes, Thermal, and Other Related Defense Goods

Repairs and Preventative Maintenance

Summit can get gear your gear working again or help to extend the life of your night vision equipment through regular and routine maintenance programs. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the most out of your night vision investment.

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Example Issues with Feasible Repairs

  • Bad Image Intensifier Tube (you're seeing growing spots, night vision image quality is degrading over time, visible cracks or lines obscuring view)
    • Rectify by replacing the damaged or non-functioning image intensifier tube with a new image intensifier tube
      • New image intensifier tubes are supplied with OEM manufacturer image intensifier tube data sheet (it is very important that you get this with every new image tube purchase; shows OEM-measured performance specifications, image tube origins, and image tube serial number)
      • Beware of fake OEM data sheets!  If you're buying from someone else - ask if they'll supply the tube data sheet if they're offering you a "new" tube. If they say yes, then ask a follow-up question, "So it's okay if I confirm that serial number with the OEM?" and see what they say.
    • Attempt to salvage image intensifier tube by dismantling, installing new power supply, and re-potting
      • Only certain types of tubes will qualify for re-potting
      • Summit will provide our best analysis prior to any billable work being done; if we don't think re-potting will resolve the issue, then we will let you know up-front
    • Occasionally, we have refurbished image intensifier tubes or used night vision image tubes from trade-in programs for government or military contracts available. These typically sell out quickly. Your sales contact here at Summit will let you know if any are available and what the story is behind the BS guaranteed.
  • Battery Compartment Corrosion from Leaking Batteries, Bad O-Rings or Gaskets, or Other Catalytic Reaction
    • We have about a 25% success rate in restoring original equipment battery compartments; some are easy to clean, other virtually impossible to resolve without causing further damage.
    • We'll evaluate and if we think we can clean it, we can usually do that without at no additional charge. However, be aware that usually corrosion tends to come back even after thorough cleaning, so this may only a temporary fix.
    • Usually we recommend full battery compartment replacement. We'll quote this if we think it's required or prudent. You only pay for the cost of the part, labor would be offset by the evaluation fee.

Those are the most common issues we find with night vision equipment. If you're a U.S. Citizen physically located within the U.S.A., simply use the Repair Evaluation Buy Now Option below to initiate your product return and we'll get the diagnosis going for you quickly. Typical turn-around on standard repairs is 1 week. If we have to order parts, we'll work to get you an estimated delivery as quickly as possible. If we are tied up with a large program order when your repair request comes in, we'll try our best to work it into our schedule, but feel free to ask up-front if they're are any anticipated delays or contact us at any time for an update.

If you are with a non-U.S.A. government, law enforcement, or military agency, or are assisting one of these with repairs, please contact us through our Contact page on this web site so that we may assist with any import/export questions, provide details for expected costs, or otherwise help out any way we can.

Repairs and Spares Available for:  PVS-4 Night Vision Scopes, PVS-7 Night Vision  Goggle, PVS-14 Monocular, PVS-15 Bino Night Vision, PVS-18 Submersible Night Vision Monocular, PVS-22 Clipon, PVS-24 Clip-On, PVS-26 Clip On, PVS-27 CNVD, PVS-29, PVS-30 Clip On, PVS-31 Binocular Night Vision

Summit's RMA Process & Procedures

Getting Your Equipment Shipped to Summit and Sent Back as Quickly and Safely as Possible

For Domestic U.S.A. Citizens:

Contact us to discuss your request. Once you're ready, we'll issue a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) with instructions on how to ship your item to us for evaluation.


For International Customers:

Please contact a Sales Representative to discuss your requirements. We have performed repairs for dozens of agencies and resellers around the globe. We've received pallets of broken gear to resolve and return to service. We've traveled to military bases across the oceans to get the gear back in the hands of troops in the field. We're here to help and we'll do whatever is possible within the constraints of U.S. regulations and export approval to ensure your government owned equipment works again and back in your hands as quickly as possible. Because of this experience and history Summit has importing and exporting these type of defense products and services,  ensuring all documentation and export approvals are received, and helping prevent any pitfalls along the way, Summit can be your partner and full resource for any type of related requirements.


ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management


Summit's Quality Management System (QMS) is  certified to follow ISO 9001 Quality Management  System Standards. Summit invested in audited, certified, and review practices, policies, and procedures to ensure you receive the highest standard of care for your night vision-related investment.    

For more information and and overview regarding repairs for your night vision equipment, download our Repairs and Maintenance Data Sheet...  

Repairs Datasheet


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