Wilcox Industries

Wilcox Industries specializes in developing and manufacturing high quality tactical products for the military and law enforcement agencies world wide.

Since the first G01 helmet mount, Wilcox’s mounting solution technology has evolved to now be in its 4th generation. Wilcox pioneered the current break-away feature, helping operators minimize neck injury, protecting the goggles and their ability to sustain the fight at night. Made of lightweight aerospace grade metal and high strength polymer, their full line of night vision mounting solutions virtually eliminates wobble.

Wilcox Industries Quality

Wilcox’s manufacturing capabilities are extensive and state-of the-art. They are an ISO 9001 certified company. Due to the integrity and quality of their mounting systems, Wilcox backs them with a lifetime warranty.

Made in the U.S.A.

All Wilcox products are manufactured in in New Hampshire. They also support “Made in America” with the vendors they use. Wilcox strives to source American made products and services whenever possible.

Wilcox Industries Combat Systems

Wilcox products include laser systems and superior aiming control devices, weapon mounts and grips, and other solutions to provide operators a tactical advantage. Wilcox combat solutions are easy to use and built to withstand the most grueling weather and combat conditions.  Wilcox products include the RAPTAR-S Rapid Targeting and Ranging module (RAPTAR) which includes an Infra-Red (IR) laser, a visible laser, IR Flood, laser range finder (LRF), and upgradeable Applied Ballistics solver feature in one compact, rugged, all-weather package, the RAPTAR,  the RAPTAR-Lite, the RAAM UGL-FCS, the BOSS-300 BLackout Sighting System, AIMPOINT® mount, SKEETIR®x / UTM® mount, ratchet strap shroud, one hole shroud, three hole shroud, LO-PRO rail shroud, DPAM mount, G22 NVG mount, G24 night vision goggle mount, G24R mounts, AN/PVS-14 bridge, SKEETIR®x bridge, and many more.

Wilcox Industries Night Vision Mounts

The advantage of Wilcox products is that they can be configured for a multitude of missions. An operator can take a shroud and fit nearly any model of their night vision or thermal goggle (NVG) mounts into that shroud to accommodate any type of NVG. All of Wilcox mounting products utilize a standard dovetail shoe interface as a connection point, including their weapon mounts, which enable the user to go from helmet to weapon and vice versa with ease. The interchange of these products allows operators to change helmets, switch to a different NVG or modify a weapon system without needing to purchase a new system each time mission requirements change. Products include:

What sets Wilcox’s NVG mounts above the rest includes features like a break away feature to minimize neck injury, aerospace grade metal with hard anodized coatings to maximize strength and several adjustment points to ensure a precise fit.

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