Air Armor Tech

Air Armor Tech ™ Inflatable Protective Devices (IPD) are patent-pending protective covers for firearms, optics (magnified rifle scopes, night vision scopes, and thermal weapon sights), and helmets.

Why Use an Air Armor Tech™ IPD?

Air Armor Tech™ products are designed to protect your expensive, and often vital, helmets, firearms, and optics. These products offer structural integrity and other features to protect against significant blunt force impact. these IPDs also provide flotation which can save the day if you’re operating on or near bodies of water.

What is an IPD?

The IPDs have an air bladder that is inflated to surrounding the entire helmet, rifle, or scope for operating in extreme field environments or protecting your device during transport. Most versions are constructed with MilSpec and Berry Amendment compliant materials and are manufactured in the USA.

What Air Armor Tech IPDs are Available?

Air Armor Tech ™ inflatable protection products are available in various sizes and formats to accommodate varying firearm lengths, receiver configurations, scope sizes, and specialized helmets. Many of the products also have multiple color options and camouflage patterns available.

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Showing all 5 results