Law Enforcement Products and Services

Law Enforcement Products and Services for Border Security, Customs, Enforcement Agencies, Police, and SWAT

Armor, Firearms, Helmets, Lasers, Night Vision and Thermal Products and Training...Summit provides it all.

Summit helps law enforcement agencies and special teams around the U.S.A. and the world with their particular requirements. Due to our level of service after the sale, pre-sales support and information, or our unwavering commitment to serving those that serve the public, Summit is proud to have an extensive law enforcement-based customer base with most working with us year after year for their requirements.

We offer a straight-forward approach to help you tackle the everyday issues and questions that arise when looking for the right solution. Night vision in particular has many gotchas if you're shopping around on the web. On numerous occasions we've helped agencies fix products that they bought from others to get it right and up-to-spec.

Whether you're searching for rugged equipment that will withstand the rigorous use and abuse of patrols, binocular night vision for maritime operations, PVS-14 monoculars that work when you need them to, or a solution on a tight budget, we're here to help you find the right solution.

Every unit has its own requirements. That is why we start out with questions instead of telling you that you need to buy this or that. We want to understand your needs first and then make the best recommendations specifically tailored to work for your requirements. 

Summit also provides full packages: clip-on night vision, firearms, lasers, suppressors, and thermal capabilities.  From head-to-toe, we can assist with your equipment needs.


Services for Law Enforcement

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law enforcement night vision maintenance and repairs


SWAT training on public transportation


Law Enforcement Products