1033 DRMO Repairs and Upgrades

DRMO 1033 Repairs and Upgrades for Agencies

Defense Logistics Agency 1033 Programs

Did your agency procure night vision equipment through a U.S. Government DLA 1033 program? Summit can get gear your gear working! We've helped dozens of law enforcement agencies get their inoperable, used military night vision fixed, upgraded, and ready for use in the field.

Repair and Maintenance Image DRMO 1033

1033 DRMO Overview

Summit Can Help

  • Assemble functioning night vision units from Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) DRMO/1033 procurements
  • Maintain existing night vision systems: check, clean, lube & purge
  • Refurbish old night vision equipment;
  • Create a few operational systems from many non-functional units to meet minimal budgets
  • Facilitate trade-in or upgrade purchases (trading-in old gear for new does not apply to DLA 1033 equipment, but owned equipment can often be exchanged towards DRMO-equipment repairs)
  • Supply new night vision systems, and related accessories (Helmets, Lasers, Mounts, Parts, and more)

Location of Service

  • Service performed in our facility at 1845 Summit Ave Suite 403, Plano, Texas - 20 Minutes North of Downtown Dallas, 30 Min. East of DFW International Airport; Conveniently near a FedEx shipping hub
  • For large repair, maintenance, or sensitive requirements, ask us about on-site service

History and Precedent

  • Summit has provided this service for dozens of state, county, and municipal law enforcement offices and agencies
  • Summit has also help U.S. Government Agencies such as the ATF, DHS, FBI, and more
  • References provided upon request


  • Current Standard Evaluation Fee is $85 plus shipping per night vision system
  • Do you have a lot of euipment to evalute? Volume orders receive discounts, call us to discuss your requirements or to request get a quote
  • Current standard fee of $85 plus shipping for simple maintenance (Check, Clean, Lube & Purge) for many types of night vision goggles - contact us for details


  • Summit will warranty all work performed for upgrades and repairs with a standard one (1) year warranty
  • All parts, components, or upgrade components supplied will be covered under standard manufacturer's warranty
  • Additional warranty terms or caveats may apply - contact us for details
    • Caveats - caveats apply for those repairs performed ad-hoc or similar to a just-in-time fix
    • Example: A battery leaked inside the night vision system and as a result, it not longer powers up or only works intermittently. In lieu of replacing the entire battery housing, which budgets may not afford, Summit can often craft a work-around or perform a rudimentary cleaning to get it working again. Consequently, without replacing the entire battery compartment, the system may remain prone to failure. We will discuss this with you if we find this to be the case.


For more information and and overview regarding repairs for your night vision equipment, download our DRMO 1033 Program Data Sheet...

 DRMO Overview

 Contact Summit Today for Repairs and Service for your 1033 DRMO Gear!

Summit's DRMO/1033 RMA Process & Procedures

Getting Your Equipment Shipped to Summit and Sent Back as Quickly and Securely as Possible

Step 1: Contact Us

Give us a call at 972-992-0046 or send an email and as quick as possible, we'll contact you shortly thereafter to discuss your requirement.

Step 2: RMA is Issued

Once you are ready to proceed, a Summit Team member will issue you a Return Material Authorization (RMA) with shipping instructions.

Step 3: Ship Your Equipment

Box up the gear to keep it safe and secure, and ship it per instructions included with the RMA. Be sure to clearly mark the RMA number on the outside of the packaging. Are you with a U.S. Federal Agency? We can accept "red locks" too.

Step 4: Summit Performs Analysis

Summit will review the night vision equipment state, perform function checks, and create a report of recommendations for getting the gear functional.

Step 5: Summit Contacts You with Recommendations

A Summit Team member will contact you to discuss our findings and recommendations to get the systems operational again. If applicable, we'll send you a quote too.

Step 6: Approve Repairs or Upgrades

Once you're ready to proceed, submit your approval and/or purchase order, and we'll proceed with the maintenance, repair, or upgrade.

Step 7: Summit Fixes the Gear

Due to nature of DRMO 1033 requirements, Summit will track every part to ensure you get back everything that is replaced. If available, serial numbers will be logged, such as in the case where we use multiple housings or parts to create a few working units. Everything must be returned back to you for full accounting.

Step 8: Gear Sent Back and Ready to Go

Once complete, Summit will notify you of the outcome and coordinate return of the items to you.


ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management


Summit's Quality Management System (QMS) is  certified to follow ISO 9001 Quality Management  System Standards. Summit invested in audited, certified, and review practices, policies, and procedures to ensure you receive the highest standard of care for your night vision-related investment.