Products and Solutions You Can Trust

Summit Night Vision Group, Inc.(SummitNVG), is an assembler, distributor, exporter, manufacturer, and reseller of image intensified night vision, thermal, lasers, and other night fighting solutions. We have years of defense and EO/IR technology experience, built thousands of night vision systems, sold tens of thousands of related products and accessories, and helped end-users and resellers around the globe with night vision solutions.

We're an authentic bricks-and-mortar night vision company with a real facility. We carry an inventory of components, parts and finished systems. We also have calibrated tools, test benches, and equipment for building, certifying, maintaining and testing electro-optical devices.

By working with us, you're tapping into a resource that creates long term benefits and savings for you.

What Makes Summit Different?

SummitNVG has Built Thousands of NVGs


SummitNVG has assembled and delivered tens of thousands of night vision goggles, accessories, spare parts, and related items to customers around the globe. We have large multi-year program experience, yet remain fast, flexible and nimble. Trust in SummitNVG to be capable and able to fulfill everything from single unit repairs to multi-year indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) government requirements.

You've Got Questions, we Have Answers


We are available and happy to help with any questions related to night vision, laser and thermal technology export, products, or sales. If you're seeking exportable electro-optical (EO/IR) systems, we can assist with your requirements as a licensed defense broker in the United States. Navigating the acquisition or availability of ITAR-controlled goods can be complicated, but we have the export experience, training, and knowledge to assist whenever possible.

Our mission is to educate and inform our customers - not just close a sale. We seek to understand your requirements first, then make a recommendation or provide quotation for the solution. By applying our real world experience in successfully fulfilling thousands of night vision orders and programs, we can help you make the best informed decision regarding your needs.